First Part of the House: The Back of A Truck

Otavalo is famous for its indigenous alpaca wool and crafts market. We were looking for something else, however.

Thanks to some very helpful friends we were able to drive to container yards just outside the town. From there, we picked up the container that is going to form the main part of our house.

We went to two places, the guy in the first place seemed frankly unhelpful and more or less unwilling to sell to us. Unimpressed, we left quickly.

The second place was much more fruitful, with a larger selection of containers. Despite the relatively large selection, many of them were outside our budget (<$1000). These seemed very pricey – apparently they were being sold on behalf of other people and the yard boss didn’t actually own them, he was only receiving a commission. It seemed to effectively double the price. After a bit of searching, we found this for $500. We got him down to $450. It was apparently cheaper because the guy actually owned it. Not sure how the other ones are going to sell because they were a little nicer, but not worth twice the price. 20160919_130957


The price included a heavy duty tarp cover and some re-work of the sections of the floor that had seen their last days. Another $105 for delivery.

All in all not a bad days work.

If we had left the yard without finding something, it would have been pretty disappointing. So the build has officially kicked off!

On two separate occasions today we were overtaken by a car which was in turn being overtaken itself. I forgot about the driving here. The drivers and the landscape itself are quite a cocktail.

2 thoughts on “First Part of the House: The Back of A Truck”

  1. oliver mcsherry says:

    James had a good look at it on the laptop…its not like the containers here. its steel on the inside, and wooden frame on the outside?…probably would be easy insulate the outside, then cover the entire outside with wood…cladding (?)
    What are the measurements of the container itself ?

    1. earthworldjim says:

      Its got a metal lining on the inside and wood and metal on the outside. Actually I dont think the outside needs to be insulated at all, it can be left alone. The inside is what I will put some insulation on (over the metal) and then clad the inside with a nicer wooden finish to take away the metallic look. It is 8ft by 23 ft, so pretty big. We had it delivered and put in place yesterday. Also just bear in mind that we are a bit more limited regarding tools and materials here than we would be at home.

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