A Simple Supplement to Rule Them All…And Avoid a Hole in Your Wallet

There’s so much information out there on what constitutes ‘good food’. It’s bewildering. Just look at our grandparents’ diets and add one or two things in. Forget most of the rest.

Finding out that cheese may have a similar effect on the brain as heroin was the high tide moment for me. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t sort of thing.

I remember days in school when I considered a white bread sandwich with turkey and some brown sauce (admittedly an acquired taste) with (separate) penguin bar to be a healthy lunch. The ‘jokes’ on the penguin bars rounded out the dining experience. Simpler times.

We are so over-informed about the benefits and drawbacks of everything, it’s a case of “fuck it, I’ll eat what I want to”. I just have to make myself want vegetables.

And exercise.

It got me round to thinking that if there was one simple thing that I would take daily as a health supplement, what would it be? No fancy stuff, just something that I feel actually works.

For me it’s about maximum benefit vs time/energy/money input.

There are quite a few supplement contenders that many people would recommend and which I have also tried over the years including Omega-3 Fish Oils, Rhodiola Root Extract, vitamin b-Complex, nettle tea, and a few others. All good but I can’t seem to be bothered making much of a habit of any of them.

So what works?

For me so far, the winner is…

Garlic, Apple Cider & Honey Potion

This is very simple, and admittedly an acquired taste. ACVGARDrink

Apple Cider vinegar is supposed to be full of benefits. Organic, with the ‘mother’ stuff is best.

Honey, especially organic, can be great for lots of things from boosting memory & energy, aiding sleep, alleviating cold symptoms and then this

Raw honey contains 22 amino acids, 27 minerals and 5,000 enzymes. Minerals include iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and selenium. Vitamins found in honey include vitamin B6, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and niacin. source

Garlic is, in my opinion, a true super-food and I feel it has done more for my health than any other ‘supplement’. I won’t get into specifics but I am subjectively convinced of its health benefits. Taking it fresh every day is a pain the ass though.

Combining all of the above into a super cocktail, and taking it over a matter of weeks is where the payoff is.

Pound for £, this thing pays off.

Having said that, it’s everyone’s responsibility for themselves to see if what they are taking is safe for their particular cirumstances.


3-4 whole bulbs (oh yeah!) of garlic, each clove with skin off.
200 ml of Apple Cider Vinegar
200 ml Honey.
100 ml Water.

Blend together.

Store in the fridge and take 1-2 tablespoons daily, diluted in a pint of water.

Be a bit selective about when you drink it as it is strong stuff. Wash it down with a slice of apple if you want to immediately get rid of the garlic smell.

No pain no gain.

2 thoughts on “A Simple Supplement to Rule Them All…And Avoid a Hole in Your Wallet”

  1. Mark Downey says:

    Thank you for this blog. It is very informative. I also read that after consuming the “Mother’s” vinegar you will want a thorough mouth rinse or brush due to it’s high acidic content and the damage that it can do, over time, to your teeth. I have been dabbling with the vinegar-honey mixture a bit. Trying to make it a good habit. I never thought about adding the garlic to the mix even though I have read about it’s health benefits.
    Now to the house. Awesome! Built with your own hands-more awesome!
    This is the first blog of yours that I have read, but I have so many questions (that you may have answered elsewhere) to ask you.
    How hard was it to purchase foreign property? Does that country have lax building restrictions? Did it have to be inspected? Where did you come across a trailer to start with?
    I have Irish blood (Downey) and have always wanted to visit. I spent two tours in Europe while serving in the US Army and had Ireland on the top of my “bucket list”, but just never had the time (or money) to go. Although, between the first 2 year tour- (Mannheim Germany) and the second 3.5 yrs tour (Berlin Germany) I was able to visit 10 other countries (and since we were in Berlin when the wall came down) East Germany when it was still restricted.
    At my age and with the friends I had we were more interested in following Ozzy and U2 then learning about our heritage.
    One thing I do remember is collecting the Guiness coasters describing the writing contests each year that had a top prize of an Irish pub (many of them with an apartment on top). I had dreams and aspiritations of winning one of these contests and retiring to my family’s mother country to run a pub and live out my life as a true Irishman.
    Thank you for showcasing your masterpiece on the Tiny Homes Web Page. I’ll be sure to follow your blogs to learn more about your trials and tribulations, and your future improvements to your tiny piece of art.
    Sincerely, Mark (

    1. earthworldjim says:

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your insightful and thoughtful comment.

      Firstly on the ACV concoction. Yes I have also read about the potential damaging effect of ACV on tooth enamel. I have been drinking this daily, and always dilute it with lots and lots of water. I haven’t noticed and adverse dental effects, although these possibly occur over time and this is something to be aware of for sure. Perhaps washing it down/rinsing the mouth with some water would be the best approach as most toothpastes are basic in nature and could therefore react with any residual acid to be even more harmful than simply neutralising with water.

      As regards the house, it was pretty straightforward to purchase the land. I actually purchase a chunk of land with two neighbours (one of whom is a permanent resident) so that made the process a bit more straightforward, although I fully own my plot of about 2 acres. The building regs in Ecuador seem to be quite lax and in the countryside most people construct their own homes, with little formal planning being apparent. Many of the houses near ours (it’s quite sparsely populated) are simple concrete block structures that would not (even near) approach building regulation standards in ‘developed’ countries. There is far more scope to create something that would not normally be permitted in many European countries or the States.

      We have a water connection and are formally recognised as a dwelling with the local council. We bought the trailer from a second-hand truck yard. These trailers are used widely across Ecuador in the freight/trucking business and are pretty easy to find. There are quite a few options open to us should we decide to become resident in Ecuador also, one of which includes including the value of your property as an investment ($25k at present, although I understand this is to rise) in the application process. Our property, land included, would be on the cusp, if not slightly more than this value.

      We are living next to a permaculture community – Rhiannon – at which there are many other examples of small DIY tiny houses in which volunteers stay during their time at the farm. It’s a beautiful place and well worth visiting if you are in Ecuador. The views of Cotopaxi volcano and all the surrounding mountains are spectacular

      If you are ever in Ireland please get in touch – there are lots of pubs to visit 🙂 ! Likewise if you are in Ecuador, get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. Those writing contests sound great – they don’t give prizes like those anymore!

      We will return and complete the next stage of the build. Lot’s of ideas etc and we learned a lot from this stage.

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