Cutting the Cooking & Simplifying the Week’s Food

I’ve been mainly eating raw fresh foods this week. In particular for breakfast and for lunch.

I decided to swap out mu usual bowl of breakfast cereal (with sometimes egg) and invariably cooked lunch for something altogether more healthy and no doubt to some, unappealing.

My new breakfasts consisted of varying quantities of raw carrots, celery, hummus, and cooked broccoli (with sometimes boiled egg).

For lunch something quite similar at times with a small bit of meat or fish.

I cooked the broccoli and egg parts twice over the week and just prepared the other bits the night before.

I ate everything cold and didn’t bother reheating anything, for breakfast or for lunch.

I recently wrote about my preference for shopping for ingredients first, recipes second.

The thinking behind the week’s small experiment was an extension of some of the points outlined in that article, in particular eating what’s in season and in general just introducing a bit of streamlining into the daily preparation of lunch.

One of the things I’ve learned this year is that my definition of a meal has become much looser – to the extent I don’t really have one.

I’m likely to eat any combination of things I like in a single meal. Nothing is ‘supposed’ to go with anything else at all, but it will all taste good.

I waste almost no food whatsoever.

It was interesting on a number of fronts.


On the lunch front the new approach was much faster than having to prepare a cooked meal each day to eat for the following day’s lunch. It also meant that any overruns from day 1 dinner could be used directly in day 2 dinner, perhaps even replacing the need to cook a dinner on day 2 : always good.

When I move into my new apartment and batch cooking gets underway, I’ll be in a different ball park again.

Breakfast was comparable, perhaps slightly slower than having to prepare a bowl of muesli. It took a few minutes longer to eat though – raw carrots will not be rushed!

My dad recently told me he cannot really understand the way I eat. My mam once said the same to him, about me and him. I must be evolving.

Less Hungry

This was unexpected. I seemed to be less hungry than usual in work, and that’s after an eight mile cycle. I had some fruit and nut top-ups on the way to lunchtime.

I ate a fairly decent portion of raw fruit and veggies, often with an egg for breakfast. It’s a good feed but I expected the cereal-egg combo to beat the fruit & veggies on this front.

In fact, when I started writing this article I had a big bowl of cereal and half an hour later I am starting to feel hungry already. That’s my inner cereal-fiend coming out. An the cereal’s inner-emptiness.

People find it hard to believe when I tell them I used often eat nine to twelve Weetabix for breakfast when I was in my mid teens. It’s a wonder I didn’t explode.

Mind you, I was very active back then, even more so than now, and I’m inclined to believe most cereals do fuck all as far as setting you up well for the day. Especially if you are going to do keyboard battle backside-in-the-seat with your computer as I do.

Desk warriors need the raw, alive food more than anyone in the morning. Perhaps that’s just it – my body is crying out for more raw food and giving me all the signals to keep up this habit.

More Alert

After lunch can be a particularly challenging time for most people at work. You leave the lunch chatter and return to your seat, slowly turning into a foggy blob of inaction.

As beneficial as a well-timed cup of coffee can be, it can have its drawbacks too. Each to their own on that one.

Eating raw/cold/salady type food does seem to keep alertness levels up after lunch.

Another benefit is I’m not tempted to use the microwave to reheat things, and there’s nothing to clean up as I am not taking food out of the container I bring it in.

Simple simple simple. This approach makes good sense to me on lots of fronts.

Many veggies are best eaten raw too. Like my recent reduction in coffee intake, I think I’m going to keep this going too and see where it takes me.

I often get vegetables from the supermarket and they are not the freshest, but I bought these today. The smell from them is amazing. I thought you should know.

1 thought on “Cutting the Cooking & Simplifying the Week’s Food”

  1. Scott says:

    Oh my “One of the things I’ve learned this year is that my definition of a meal has become much looser – to the extent I don’t really have one. ”
    Same here mate. Sounds like your ascending. seriously. rising out of your “old self” . A great and interesting phenomenon !!
    I no longer eat cereal. Ive found that after eating “better ” Im more aware of hats SHIT for nutrition and whats packed with it!
    I believe the reason anybody is hungry 1 hour after eating junk food (for example here in the states) McDonalds, is because initially your body says YES food! and shuts off the hungry signal. Then – about an hour later says – wait a minute? WTF is this? ZERO nutrients- REJECT-take a dump…MORE FOOD please??? and good stuff this round.
    Peace my brother

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