Simple Living – What’s Driving Your Story?

I sat down to write today without really having a topic to fire off on, or indeed feeling like I had anything much to share.

That’s often the way with real life too, just turning up is what we are expected to do, day in day out. Here lies Bob – he was consistent. Whoopdee-do.

I came across a few lines I had written about ‘Freedom’. I scribbled it in a tepee one afternoon my travels, at the time not really a care in the world.

I decided to publish it here – it made me feel good and somewhat nostalgic, I’d be delighted if it did something for you.

On that trip everything felt alive and new and full of promise. I lived very simply – out of a backpack.

It was probably the first time I felt strongly connected to something much bigger than myself – I felt free. Not in some glib I’ve-go-no-responsibilities-and-no-job-this-is-fucking-great kind of way, but something spiritual, flowing, altogether separate.

A freedom within myself, something I work hard to keep a space for in the hectic ‘normal’ life back in Europe.

The feeling at that time came about sort of by accident – like falling through a hole in the snow into a wonderful illuminated underground cave. It then tapered off, but didn’t leave – for weeks. I wasn’t a blissed-out yogi but I hitched onto that train for a bit.

Did you ever have one of those moments?

It has come and gone since then, occasionally ripping through my otherwise calm exterior in the form of a big smile, most always humming low in the background to daily life’s busy beat.

So what is it then, this ‘freedom’?

People who I have met both in person and online since starting writing this blog are deeply motivated – whether that is around simple living, minimalism, wanting to help others, aiming for early retirement, doing things their own way – all these things and more.

Some of us have that thing, that ‘freedom’ in mind we are pursuing for ourselves, families, friends. It’s a story we are telling ourselves based on our direct lived experiences. At the end of the day, that’s all we have to go by.

We’re thinking it through logically, but our heart is the compass.

Who knows if we will get there? When we get there, will be what we want it to be? At the end of the day it really is the journey; kings die as peasants.

It’s Friday!

You know that feeling arriving home from work on a Friday evening – you deserve a few beers, you want to cut loose a bit? That’s exactly how I felt last night.

People often report feeling a bit edgy, bored, tired, even unsatisfied when they achieve something they’ve set out to do- even if it’s just completing another week of work. I think it’s the release of all the naturally pent-up tension, and the actual achievement of another work-week completed.

The satisfaction tied up in that kind of release comes in the subsequent days and weeks.

Edgy, unsatisfied, bored – these are exactly the way consumerist behavior makes us feel. The opposite of free and satisfied. I’ve written before that simple living creates the space in which other things can happen, including greater personal and financial happiness.

So sitting in my apartment here looking out at the grey Irish skies wondering where the summer has gone, I ask myself, where is that freedom right now?

Instead of unleashing or seeking it all in an end of week blowout, I’ll let it naturally keep falling into each day with purpose, raising the vibration as it may. I can’t always see it but I know it’s there.

At its heart, that’s what simple living is all about. At least, it’s my story for the moment.

Taking cue from that
the fickle inner beast shall not be tamed by joy or sorrow
but moved in simple days’ time
in space created
left to roar and roam, along the path
of places it knows
it has never been
but feels it is creating.

2 thoughts on “Simple Living – What’s Driving Your Story?”

  1. Scott says:

    Whats driving my story is a deep perception that I have that there is a “system” which – if we enter fully and surrender to- will provide our safety, money, “security”, health care, protection, wealth building and that this system not what it appears,
    Its only out to enslave us with debt, keep us weary and mostly to keep us so worn out that we wont have the energy to leave its grip.

    This drives me to live out of the “systems”. as many as possible.
    Not to “resist”, as that weakens you, again…but to live organically as much as possible…like:
    Save my own money, live on foot, bike, eat less and BETTER etc.
    Sharing this truth with other is driving me as well.
    Because, how Can I help others If I cannot BE that freedom first>
    Peace James

    1. earthworldjim says:

      Too right Scott too right. The system is there and we all create and add to it. It is bigger and beyond the control of anyone – it certainly incentivises certain kinds of behaviour that as you say can leave us weary and work out. I totally agree with your point about being that freedom first – this is something my SO says very often when she sees me getting a bit bound up in writing, stressed, or bogged down. Simple is not always easy and it’s something we work hard towards. Thanks for the thoughtful comment

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