Simple Living – What’s Driving Your Story?

I sat down to write today without really having a topic to fire off on, or indeed feeling like I had anything much to share. That’s often the way with real life too, just turning […] Read More

Simple Living: Real Wealth Goes Wide and Not Just Deep

Financial independence and early retirement are two subjects that are impossible to avoid in the minimalism/frugality/simple living world. In fact you could spend a lot of time reading about this topic, and feel it is […] Read More

Minimalism: An Introvert’s Ticket To Time and Space?

Is there a link between introversion and minimalism? To the extent that being an introvert usually involves minimizing the volume and type of interactions you have with people to conserve energy, it may also naturally […] Read More

Cutting the Cooking & Simplifying the Week’s Food

I’ve been mainly eating raw fresh foods this week. In particular for breakfast and for lunch. I decided to swap out mu usual bowl of breakfast cereal (with sometimes egg) and invariably cooked lunch for […] Read More

The Gospel According to Minimalism – Not to be taken literally

I came across an article entitled ‘The Oppressive Gospel of Minimalism’ on the New York Times Magazine recently. Like the real Gospels, too much preaching will turn the choir, or prevent it being formed in […] Read More

Moving stuff about
Moving House, Books, and Habits

We are clearing out our house, getting ready to leave it as we prepare to move abroad in a few months. We have kept our stuff while living here to a reasonably small amount. I’m […] Read More

Just Live Simple: 6 Tips on How to Do It From a Cool Book

Just Live Simple (JLS) is a book by James Logan Carey. It gives simple, practical insights and tips into ways life can be simplified, and importantly, avoid complicating it in the first place. It reminded […] Read More

Burning Fire
Hedonic Adaptation and Value

An interesting thing happens when you give up something you previously engaged with and enjoyed – be that a possession, habit, or convenience. Given a little time, it becomes clear whether you really enjoyed it, […] Read More

Do Anything You Want, But Not Everything (Young Man)

I read that line somewhere a while ago, and it really struck a chord with me. Not an entirely sad one, but it certainly disconnected me from what I was reading and got me thinking. […] Read More

Towards Simplicity: Finding The First Few Steps

What does it mean to live simply? Like most things these days, there’s a movement for it. There’s a lot more to it though. At least I hope so, otherwise I’ll run out of things […] Read More