Some Direct Talking Inspiration From Jimmy Carter

I recently watched the Minimalist’s documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. It’s inspirational and it helped keep the fire lit under me as I sell many of my possessions. It was a clip in the documentary of Jimmy Carter addressing the nation in 15 July 1979 and a reminder of same on Twitter, […]

For Sale
The Journey to Change is Littered with Adverts

Back when I started this blog I wasn’t really sure what its purpose was going to be. Simple living? What does that even mean really? Frugality? Minimalism? DIY? More free time? All of these things, I think. I wrote quite a bit about this before, and didn’t come to any conclusion except it was going […]

Shopping To Ingredients Over Recipes

My brother’s a very good cook. He insists on all the small nuanced details of cooking something to as close to perfection as can be done. I am inherently lazier on that front. Christmas is always great – me being on the receiving end of the food and not inclined nor especially wanted in the […]

A Simple Supplement to Rule Them All…And Avoid a Hole in Your Wallet

There’s so much information out there on what constitutes ‘good food’. It’s bewildering. Just look at our grandparents’ diets and add one or two things in. Forget most of the rest. Finding out that cheese may have a similar effect on the brain as heroin was the high tide moment for me. Damned if you […]

Fixing up an old bike vs. buying a new one

I was recently sitting and (g)oogling some bikes on TomsBikeTrip. Slowly but surely the conviction set in that one of those bikes was NEEDED; perfectly suited to the eight mile commute for my new job. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have a car anymore, but I find my screen-shopping of bikes approaching the level I […]

I Gave Up Coffee For 7 Days

Firstly, it wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be. In fact, I didn’t expect it to be much of a challenge at all. Until my mid twenties, I never really drank anything with caffeine. Coffee drinking in general is probably only a decade old in my family and I never really discovered, or […]

Dungarvan View
The Waterford Greenway: Well Worth The Spin

Being from the sunny South East and currently gainfully unemployed, there was no better time for us to avail of the scenery available along the newly opened 45k cycle/walking route from Waterford to Dungarvan, know as the Waterford Greenway. It would also be the first two-day outing for the mountain bike I built, with touring […]

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Tiny House (in Ecuador)?

So, how much does it cost to build a Tiny House? It depends. The only way to see more of the jigsaw before the event is doing research and comparing with similar projects. As any quick glance online will show, the houses are about as varied as those building them – hand-crafted works of wonder, […]

Finally! The Roof is Going on our Tiny House

The roof is going on. Bamboo on the inside, covered with a heavy tarpaulin that came with the truck. It should provide some level of insulation when the temperature drops at night. The roof material comes in sheets which are easy enough to put on, as they fit over one another in series. We decided […]

Some Pictures of the House Taking Shape

Building this house is fun and very challenging in equal measure. The grey metal of the container looks a lot less grim after we applied the first coat of primer paint and commenced in earnest with the long front porch. There has been a lot of sanding to complete as all the eucalyptus poles that […]