Burning Fire
Hedonic Adaptation and Value

An interesting thing happens when you give up something you previously engaged with and enjoyed – be that a possession, habit, or convenience. Given a little time, it becomes clear whether you really enjoyed it, […] Read More

What is the Deal with Sticking Litter in Trees eh?

It is important not to throw waste on the ground. If you do, it speaks volumes. It’s so fundamental really, it’s like a cornerstone of having any sort of integrity as a conscious participant in […] Read More

Do Anything You Want, But Not Everything (Young Man)

I read that line somewhere a while ago, and it really struck a chord with me. Not an entirely sad one, but it certainly disconnected me from what I was reading and got me thinking. […] Read More

Mixed Feelings: Getting Rid of A TV and Paying the Stupid Licence Anyway

We finally did it, one of those small victories. It was a while coming. Watching films and documentaries enabled the big TV in the corner to justify its place in the house. The tenacious hold […] Read More

Bill Hicks
Love all the People – Remembering Bill Hick’s Message

The world is crowded with many voices clamouring to be heard across every medium twenty-four hours a day. The flow of facts, ads and opinions is endless. Much of the torrent is noise. It’s so […] Read More

Five Great Speeches Well Worth A Listen

Five inspirational lectures to provide food for those thoughts. Tim Minchin addresses University Graduates Tim Minchin addresses graduates at the University of Western Australia (2013) where he was presented with an Honorary Doctor of Letters […] Read More

Mayan Temple
Ever Feel Like Time Is Speeding Up?

By conventional measurement units, I suppose the simple answer is ‘no’. It sure seems like it moves along faster with each passing year though. Is it simply down to getting older or might there be […] Read More

Eco Balls
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Stuff that serve a few functions and can be reused with little fuss is cool, even if it’s just ordinary household things. Something that’s a bit greener, more efficient or less wasteful. The Humble Glass […] Read More

Quality, Black Holes, And Swimming Togs

I was squeezing the water out of my togs after a swim. A woman asked “did I know I could spin my togs” in the little machine she was pointing at. I did. Three or […] Read More

Expense Manager
Apps I’ll Actually Use To Make Life Simpler in 2016

Nothing like a bit of technology to hack a day. It can hack one apart too – it’s best to just chop out the unecessary bits. Apps are one of the best excuses to squirrel […] Read More