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Cutting the Cooking & Simplifying the Week’s Food

I’ve been mainly eating raw fresh foods this week. In particular for breakfast and for lunch. I decided to swap out mu usual bowl of breakfast cereal (with sometimes egg) and invariably cooked lunch for something altogether more healthy and no doubt to some, unappealing. My new breakfasts consisted of varying quantities of raw carrots, […]

The Advantages of Drinking Less Coffee – One and A Half Months In

I was talking to someone in work about coffee drinking. I mentioned how great it is for firing up the system when needed. She drinks five or six cups a day. She has one in the evening too, a few hours out from bedtime. I’ve only met a few people who drink that much coffee. […]

Do Anything You Want, But Not Everything (Young Man)

I read that line somewhere a while ago, and it really struck a chord with me. Not an entirely sad one, but it certainly disconnected me from what I was reading and got me thinking. A few days after my thirty-second birthday, time does seem to be speeding up. 2015 went by in flash. Everyone […]

Dublin Sunrise
Cycle – Sure Why Wouldn’t You?

It is hard to feel bad getting off a bike. Unless you’ve gone nowhere on it. All that motion up and down the hills, through the wind and rain and sunbeams. Past the unlikely-to-be-free-range eggs fired in my direction as part of the Halloween festivities of Dublin’s fair city suburbs. They haven’t hit me yet […]