Time and Place and (dis)location for everything

Wow, I can’t believe my last post was October 2017. I didn’t really intend on stopping that long, but the truth is that between my job, daily life, and general amount of time spent in […] Read More

How Living Simply Has Allowed Me To Triple My Savings Rate

I recently realised I am now saving at almost triple the rate I was just five years ago. A lot can happen in five years. Back then, I was partly saving to go travelling – […] Read More

Simple Living, Environmental Destruction, and the 80/20 Rule

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you care about the environment and our screwball destruction of it. You might also care that we seem to have no real clue how […] Read More

Simple Living: Telling Technological Shit From Shinola

Last year I did a short write-up of some of the applications on my phone that I use to make life easier. It’s not long. It’s personal and subjective. I dropped a few, and added […] Read More

Simple Living – What’s Driving Your Story?

I sat down to write today without really having a topic to fire off on, or indeed feeling like I had anything much to share. That’s often the way with real life too, just turning […] Read More

Freedom Is

Freedom is passion. It is awareness and acceptance It is a spark, a smile, or laugh; it is the moment It is awake just like the chill of the ocean Freedom is drawn from the […] Read More

Simple Living: Real Wealth Goes Wide and Not Just Deep

Financial independence and early retirement are two subjects that are impossible to avoid in the minimalism/frugality/simple living world. In fact you could spend a lot of time reading about this topic, and feel it is […] Read More

The €€ Savings Summary – Perspectives on 5 Years Without a Car

I sold my beloved Mitsubishi Carisma a little over 5 years ago. It was a sporty, nice trim, end-of-line model. At that stage I had been driving Mitsubishis for over 9 years, with a no […] Read More

Minimalism: An Introvert’s Ticket To Time and Space?

Is there a link between introversion and minimalism? To the extent that being an introvert usually involves minimizing the volume and type of interactions you have with people to conserve energy, it may also naturally […] Read More

Cutting the Cooking & Simplifying the Week’s Food

I’ve been mainly eating raw fresh foods this week. In particular for breakfast and for lunch. I decided to swap out mu usual bowl of breakfast cereal (with sometimes egg) and invariably cooked lunch for […] Read More