Freedom Is

Freedom is passion.

It is awareness and acceptance

It is a spark, a smile, or laugh; it is the moment

It is awake just like the chill of the ocean

Freedom is drawn from the power of the sun. The wind moves it everywhere

It is potential and the recognition of it

Freedom is embracing. It is honest and does not hold back

Freedom is the instinctual pursuit of joy

Freedom is to be humbled. Embrace fear with knowledge

It is planning and acting with intention

It is respectful independence

It is not a trip or memory or money – these are sometimes ingredients

Freedom is slave to nothing

Freedom settles in inquisitiveness

Freedom is to gaze up and wonder. Freedom is born of wonder

Freedom treads with intention

Freedom is aware

It is balanced and it is sustainable

Freedom is drawn from within

Freedom is time lived in the present

Freedom is doing what you love and being loved by those who do likewise

Freedom cannot be given

Freedom is possible

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