A few years ago, a year-long trip in South America had a deep effect on my life. The people, places, and experiences of that time encouraged me to examine many aspects of how I live and what I live for.

Today I’m on a mission to simplify, declutter, and embrace something akin to what Thoreau referred to as the ‘broad margin’ of life. Among other things, I love to write, program, and play music.

Simplifying life’s patterns, adopting compassionate human-centred values, building a base of interests, self-reliance, and moving toward a more sustainable lifestyle are all a big part of this for me.

I care a lot about the environment and our screwball destruction of it. I want to do what I can to minimize my impact and inspire others to think about theirs.

I am interested in exploring the convergent truths among the above and integrating them into life. Ultimately I believe it is a path to greater contentment.

I want to learn from, share, and connect with others who are doing likewise.

This is where I write about these things. Nice to meet you.