The €€ Savings Summary – Perspectives on 5 Years Without a Car

I sold my beloved Mitsubishi Carisma a little over 5 years ago. It was a sporty, nice trim, end-of-line model. At that stage I had been driving Mitsubishis for over 9 years, with a no […] Read More

Fixing up an old bike vs. buying a new one

I was recently sitting and (g)oogling some bikes on TomsBikeTrip. Slowly but surely the conviction set in that one of those bikes was NEEDED; perfectly suited to the eight mile commute for my new job. […] Read More

Dungarvan View
The Waterford Greenway: Well Worth The Spin

Being from the sunny South East and currently gainfully unemployed, there was no better time for us to avail of the scenery available along the newly opened 45k cycle/walking route from Waterford to Dungarvan, know […] Read More

Dublin Sunrise
Cycle – Sure Why Wouldn’t You?

It is hard to feel bad getting off a bike. Unless you’ve gone nowhere on it. All that motion up and down the hills, through the wind and rain and sunbeams. Past the unlikely-to-be-free-range eggs […] Read More