Sustainable Building

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Tiny House (in Ecuador)?

So, how much does it cost to build a Tiny House? It depends. The only way to see more of the jigsaw before the event is doing research and comparing with similar projects. As any […] Read More

Finally! The Roof is Going on our Tiny House

The roof is going on. Bamboo on the inside, covered with a heavy tarpaulin that came with the truck. It should provide some level of insulation when the temperature drops at night. The roof material […] Read More

Some Pictures of the House Taking Shape

Building this house is fun and very challenging in equal measure. The grey metal of the container looks a lot less grim after we applied the first coat of primer paint and commenced in earnest […] Read More

Tossing and Turning the Day Away

With gale force winds in motion and sand and dirt blowing into every open eye and ear, we marked out the border of the foundation for the house. It worked out about 41 foot by […] Read More

First Part of the House: The Back of A Truck

Otavalo is famous for its indigenous alpaca wool and crafts market. We were looking for something else, however. Thanks to some very helpful friends we were able to drive to container yards just outside the […] Read More

Teach Nollaig
Alternative Housing in Ireland: Tiny, Eco and a Little Bit Different

I have been doing lots of looking at Tiny Houses online recently, and it got me thinking about what types, shapes and sizes of them there may be here in Ireland. Invariably most of the […] Read More

Our Earthbag House – Part 2

See the first part here. 5. Interlocking the Walls and Support Bags. We had a bit of a design change. No wooden structure to go on top of earthbags, the house itself would be made […] Read More

Setting the Foundations
Our Earthbag House – Part 1

It started out at the end of 2012 at Rhiannon Permaculture farm, with a concrete pit that was designed to be used as a biogas tank. The pit measured about 4m length by 1.5m width. […] Read More