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Time and Place and (dis)location for everything

Wow, I can’t believe my last post was October 2017. I didn’t really intend on stopping that long, but the truth is that between my job, daily life, and general amount of time spent in […] Read More

Bill Hicks
Love all the People – Remembering Bill Hick’s Message

The world is crowded with many voices clamouring to be heard across every medium twenty-four hours a day. The flow of facts, ads and opinions is endless. Much of the torrent is noise. It’s so […] Read More

Five Great Speeches Well Worth A Listen

Five inspirational lectures to provide food for those thoughts. Tim Minchin addresses University Graduates Tim Minchin addresses graduates at the University of Western Australia (2013) where he was presented with an Honorary Doctor of Letters […] Read More

Pale Blue Dot
Carl Sagan, Storytelling, and the Pale Blue Dot

The Pale Blue Dot is a photograph of the earth taken in 1990 by the Voyager 1 Spacecraft from a record distance of about 6 billion kilometres (3.7 billion miles) from earth. In the photograph, […] Read More