Some Pictures of the House Taking Shape

Building this house is fun and very challenging in equal measure. The grey metal of the container looks a lot less grim after we applied the first coat of primer paint and commenced in earnest […] Read More

Tossing and Turning the Day Away

With gale force winds in motion and sand and dirt blowing into every open eye and ear, we marked out the border of the foundation for the house. It worked out about 41 foot by […] Read More

First Part of the House: The Back of A Truck

Otavalo is famous for its indigenous alpaca wool and crafts market. We were looking for something else, however. Thanks to some very helpful friends we were able to drive to container yards just outside the […] Read More

Being ‘Normal’ doesn’t mean what it used to

I few weeks ago I made a mental note to be wary of buying more books. I bought a few today – slightly compulsively and with a decent element of joy so I guess I […] Read More

The Gospel According to Minimalism – Not to be taken literally

I came across an article entitled ‘The Oppressive Gospel of Minimalism’ on the New York Times Magazine recently. Like the real Gospels, too much preaching will turn the choir, or prevent it being formed in […] Read More

Medium is the message
Hypnopaedically Challenged

I read a post on Walking On Custard about doing stuff compulsively without joy recently. It rang certain bells nice and clearly. Bells that I forgot were there. All manner of things exist that most […] Read More

Moving stuff about
Moving House, Books, and Habits

We are clearing out our house, getting ready to leave it as we prepare to move abroad in a few months. We have kept our stuff while living here to a reasonably small amount. I’m […] Read More

Just Live Simple: 6 Tips on How to Do It From a Cool Book

Just Live Simple (JLS) is a book by James Logan Carey. It gives simple, practical insights and tips into ways life can be simplified, and importantly, avoid complicating it in the first place. It reminded […] Read More

Seeing Joy & Beauty & Other Necessary Skills for the future

There is much talk these days about what the ‘skills of the future’ may be. Whether it’s learning to code like a desk-bound jedi, incorporating the latest business jargon into your lingo, or just being […] Read More

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

The story of Native Americans, their culture and customs is fascinating. In particular the manner in which the native people of the United States once lived is what captures the imagination – the connectedness they […] Read More